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Latest figures released by the Department for International Trade show that UK goods and services rose to a record high of £620.2 billion in the year to March 2018. Demand for manufactured goods helped drive goods exports up by 10 per cent and exports grew faster to Canada (up 12.7 per cent), India (31.8 per […]

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Last week, the former Minister of State for Trade Policy, Greg Hands addressed businesses at the Prosperity Fund Business Forum. He spoke on how trade is the best and most sustainable way out of poverty. “Better-run economies benefit everyone – more trade for us, more business for you [businesses attending the forum], and a route […]

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The demand for British goods has never been higher and this year people around the world chose to buy British for Father’s Day. Recent HMRC data shows the value of UK goods exports increased by 8.2 per cent in the year to May 2018. Tech gadgets are still the number one choice for Father’s Day […]

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Latest figures released by HMRC in their positive analysis show the number of VAT-registered businesses exporting goods in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has risen by 4.1 per cent from the previous year to 109,000. It’s reported that businesses are taking advantage of global interest in UK goods with the number of exports to […]

A survey from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has reported that warmer weather, bank holidays and the royal wedding led to a boost in retail sales in May. Total sales rose by 4.1 per cent in comparison to one year earlier, the fastest pace for more than four years. The BRC noted that retail conditions […]

Last week, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), in partnership with DHL, produced its Quarterly International Trade Outlook (QITO) for Q1 – January to March – 2018. The findings of the latest QITO report showed that in the manufacturing sector, export sales and orders increased, but in the services sector, they continued to slow slightly. […]

Last Week, as part of the modern Industrial Strategy, International Trade Secreatry Dr Liam Fox launched a new drive to attract more than £30 billion of investment to 68 UK projects. Through the modern Industrial Strategy, the government is setting out a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the […]

The latest Office of National Statistic figures showed that UK exports rose 9.2 per cent from April 2017 to the end of March 2018. On a trip last week to Scotland, International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, said: “It’s clear evidence the world wants to buy high-quality UK goods and services, and my department is […]

On Tuesday 1 May, the government’s Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser, Crawford Falconer, launched the ‘International Trade Profession’. This a great step towards helping UK businesses develop their skills and will support talented people to further develop their careers in international trade. With ten government departments all appointing a Head of International Trade Profession, the launch […]

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