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As restrictions lift, shops open and the vaccine rollout continues, the UK economy is expected to continue to recover after seeing a 2.1% growth in March. However, there are warnings of the longer-term effects of the pandemic, with government support lessened and taxes increased to cover pandemic-support programmes. Trading figures for post-Brexit Britain show that […]

As of 1 May, the Free Trade Agreement between the UK and Vietnam came into effect. The deal covers £5.1 billion in trade and addresses essential areas of their growing relationship, including the removal or reduction of tariffs, trade in services and the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. It is the latest milestone in the […]

Last Thursday the Trade Act officially became law, meaning that deals already signed with 67 countries – worth £218 billion – are now part of UK legislation. The Act allows the UK to prioritise its own interests and will provide greater certainty for British businesses trading overseas, ultimately creating a pathway to economic recovery from […]

Trade talks have been ongoing between the UK and Australia. Last Friday they had agreed on the majority of the details around a comprehensive free trade deal, with both countries confident that the remaining issues can be resolved ahead of an agreement in principle by June.

The UK and Serbia have signed a Partnership, Trade and Cooperation Agreement to ensure their trading relationship, worth £682m, can continue and grow. The Agreement will mean continued trade access between the UK and Serbia, and will enable British businesses, including Unilever, AstraZeneca, JCB and Jaguar Land Rover, to trade as they did before 1 […]

Having carried out a Joint Trade Review (JTR) over the last year, highlighting priority trade opportunities on both sides, the UK and Thai governments have signed an agreement, committing to further cooperation and strengthening their trading relationship. International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, said the aim is to “forge new partnerships that will boost our economy, […]

The British Chambers of Commerce has published their first Quarlerly Economic Survey for 2021. While it reflects the severe impact that the pandemic has had on businesses up and down the country, there is a more positive outlook as restrictions begin to ease. Over half of businesses expect turnover to return to pre-pandemic levels in […]

This October, a Global Investment Summit will showcase the nation’s most innovative companies and clean technologies. The event aims to drive forward the government’s target to be net zero by 2050 and underpin how businesses are helping to position the UK as a global hub for green technology and finance. Hosted by the Prime Minister […]

The Department of International Trade has published a letter to UK Export Finance (UKEF) which sets out the UK government’s priorities for the year ahead. An export-led recovery, new international markets, green technology and levelling up financial products and services are among the strategic objectives detailed in the letter. Whether you’re an SME or a […]

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