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New Balance, Hitachi, Playdale and Techbuyer have joined the Northern Powerhouse Partners Programme, a government initiative which brings together 178 businesses from across the North of England. According to the latest statistics, the Northern Powerhouse is worth over £330 billion a year to the UK economy, with the region supporting around 20 per cent of […]

The latest Office of National Statistics data (released 10 August) showed global UK exports have risen by £26 billion in the year to June 2018 – an increase of 4.4 per cent compared to the same time last year. Goods exports also have continued to rise strongly by 6.3 per cent to £343 billion. International […]

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) last week confirmed UK exports to the rest of the world were higher than exports to the EU for the ninth year running. The fastest growing export market for the UK since 2010 was Oman, with exports increasing by 354 per cent to £3 billion. International […]

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This week Jeremy Hunt travelled to Beijing in his first major international trip since his appointment as Foreign Secretary. The visit builds on the Prime Minister’s trip at the start of the year where new measures to improve market access in China and remove barriers to trade were agreed. Speaking ahead of the visit, the […]

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The Department of International Trade (DIT) was formed two years ago to help businesses export, attract investment, negotiate market access and free trade deals, and champion global free trade. Since this formation, exports have grown by an average of £7 billon per month for the last 23 months, and DIT has actively helped firms secure […]

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The latest trade figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show demand for British goods and services is higher than ever. Exports in the year to May 2018 amounted to £620 billion. International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox said: “We’re seeing a shift in the UK where we’re continuing to sell more than […]

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The UK and Ukraine have released a joint statement welcoming progress on their trade relationship. Both countries have been engaging on the future growth of trade and investment links after the UK leaves the EU. Both the UK and Ukraine welcomed ongoing discussions to ensure continuity of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which includes a Deep […]

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Latest figures released by the Department for International Trade show that UK goods and services rose to a record high of £620.2 billion in the year to March 2018. Demand for manufactured goods helped drive goods exports up by 10 per cent and exports grew faster to Canada (up 12.7 per cent), India (31.8 per […]

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Last week, the former Minister of State for Trade Policy, Greg Hands addressed businesses at the Prosperity Fund Business Forum. He spoke on how trade is the best and most sustainable way out of poverty. “Better-run economies benefit everyone – more trade for us, more business for you [businesses attending the forum], and a route […]

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