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User experience affects loyalty | Online-only retail growth | Mobile use in Africa

Online customer experience matters

35 per cent of UK consumers would become disloyal to a brand after just one bad experience during online shopping. In addition, 39 per cent felt it could affect the likelihood of them continuing to buy from that brand when shopping in store.

We’ve previously discussed the importance of e-commerce customer experience, but the research from Optimizely highlights that retailers must spend time testing and optimising the entire customer journey, and be more transparent from the start.


Online-only retailers growing faster than multichannel

A new report from IMRG and Capgemini highlights the vital role of smartphones within the retail sector, and the widening gap between online-only retailers and multichannel retailers.

“As smartphones have evolved from being used in retail primarily for research purposes to being major devices for completing purchases too, the gap between online-only and multichannel retailers has grown and remained consistently wide,” explained Andy Mulcahy, editor IMRG.

Mobile technology connects Africa with global markets

More than 60 per cent of individuals in sub-Saharan Africa now have access to a mobile phone. This growing technology adoption gives consumers in the region much greater choice and convenience when it comes to shopping online with international retailers.

“As the adoption of mobile technology and increasing internet penetration in these countries continue to grow, so does the opportunity for retailers to reach new customers in the region,” said Hennie Heymans, CEO, DHL Express sub-Saharan Africa.


Thursday 18 August 2016

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