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UK’s most dynamic SMEs | Strengthening ties with China | Mcommerce in Germany

Britain’s fastest-growing businesses are getting bigger, faster
The London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSE) annual round-up of the 1,000 most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK has found that Britain’s fastest-growing companies are getting bigger, faster. The fastest-growing businesses are accelerating with a pace of expansion of 70 per cent, up from an average of 50 per cent last year.
SMEs in Scotland are expanding the quickest, with revenue rising at an average of 91 per cent, but businesses in London and the South East are still dominating the list, making up 404 of the top 1,000 constituents.
Greg Clark, Business Secretary, congratulated the businesses who made the list, commenting: “championing high growth, innovative SMEs is crucial for the continued success of the UK economy.”

China named a ‘natural partner’ as Chancellor seeks post-Brexit trade deals
Last Sunday, Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed world leaders to China’s two day forum on his ‘Belt and Road initiative’. The Belt and Road initiative is an ambitious development campaign through which China wants to boost trade and stimulate economic growth across Asia and beyond.
The Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, addressed the summit in Beijing and said that the infrastructure plan is an “opportunity to strengthen ties” with China as Britain enters a new, post-Brexit era. The Chancellor added: “we want to maintain a close and open trading partnership with our European neighbours and at the same time pursue our ambition to secure free trade agreements around the world with new partners and old allies alike.”
Mobile commerce in Germany finally becomes mainstream
According to market research company, eMarketer, mcommerce has been slow to catch on in Germany. Although the use of mobile devices for buying online and paying in-store in Germany is still lagging behind other big ecommerce countries, latest research shows that 29 million mobile users will buy online via a mobile device at least once this year.
Analyst Karin von Abrams explains that “consumers in Germany tend to be more concerned about data privacy and digital security than their counterparts in other Western European countries, or in the US.” This concern has affected mobile payments in the past, but latest predictions show that mobile purchases are up 15 per cent from last year.
British retailers must consider their mobile strategy for both selling at home and internationally. Have you thought about whether your ecommerce website is optimised for mobile?

Thursday 18 May 2017

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