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Posted on 22/11/2018 by DHL Express

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement – what does it mean?

On 14 November the UK and European Commission published the latest version of the draft Withdrawal Agreement. This document has since been discussed widely in Westminster but of the 585-page long agreement, what are the key points and what do they mean?

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) have to put together an FAQ on the agreement and the likely next steps in the process. The BCC is assessing every government document relating to Brexit and will continue to share briefings and guidance throughout the process.

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Meet the four types of holiday shoppers

Think with Google have created a report which defines four types of holiday shoppers: Evergreen, Early Bird, Deal Seeker and Last minute. The report breaks down their shopping behaviour during the holiday season to discover new insights to help you provide them with the right messaging at the right stage of their journey.

Find out when each type of shopper is most active at which periods between October through to the end of December and the key demographics of the people in each of theses categories.

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Is your business ready to go global?

If you’re in e-commerce, going global often feels like the next big decision to make. Do you want customers from all over the globe? Of course you do. So how do you make it actually happen?

We’ve answered a few key questions to help you on the going global journey. See how DHL can help you figure out the details of exporting and international logistics.

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