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Posted on 13/02/2020 by DHL Express

Win for UK vegetable producers in Malaysian market

An intervention by the Department for International Trade means that cabbages from the UK can now be enjoyed by Malaysian consumers. Four shipments of cabbages from Naylor Farms were held up at the border due to a gap in regulations. Vegetable producers from the UK could now benefit from the Malaysian market.

Trade Policy Minister Conor Burns said: “By getting rid of the red tape, we can open up markets and create new opportunities for British businesses to sell their produce around the world.”

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Protecting UK traders from injury

The UK has announced that it will begin reviewing EU trade remedy measures deemed important to UK industries. This will be overseen by a new Trade Remedies Authority that will protect UK businesses from injury caused by unfair trading practices.

The Trade Remedies Authority Chair-Designate, Simon Walker, said: “Britain’s economic future will be determined by the ability of UK businesses to compete vigorously in international marketplaces.”

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Fashion in the circular economy

Is it time for your business to embrace an alternative business model known as the circular economy? This model can help drive efforts to conserve products and resources by using waste materials and promoting reuse at each stage of the trade cycle.

From the extraction of materials to the disposal of clothes, the global fashion industry has an impact on the environment. Read our first in a series of blogs inspiring businesses to make positive changes.

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