UK nominates Liam Fox as next Director General of the WTO | From doorstep to compost heap | E-commerce competitor analysis

Posted on 9/07/2020 by DHL Express

UK nominates Liam Fox as next Director General of the WTO

The UK has nominated the former International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox as the next Director-General of the World Trade Organisation. Dr Fox has decades of experience in global politics as well as first-hand know-how of running a trade ministry.

The Government believe Dr Liam Fox is the ideal candidate; writing to the WTO the Prime Minister said “Dr Fox is a passionate advocate of multilateralism, who brings detailed knowledge of the global trading system from his years as a UK Cabinet Minister and Secretary of State for International Trade.”

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From doorstep to compost heap

In this week’s Any Other Business, we explore sustainable e-commerce packaging. Two creative entrepreneurs from New Zealand are hoping to minimise the environmental impact of the e-commerce sector through their sustainable packaging company.

The Better Packaging Co. created compostable shipping materials which are an eco-friendly alternative to the 2+billion tons of waste produced by the e-commerce world every year.

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Discover your e-commerce competitor analysis guide

With online shoppers accustomed to flipping between multiple web stores at the click of a button, it can be a huge challenge to win their attention. No matter how specialised or niche the product you’re selling may be, you’ll always be competing with the hundreds (if not thousands) of similar e-tailers the web has to offer.

Conducting a thorough competitor analysis should be a crucial part of your business strategy. This article explores why competitor analysis is so important to e-commerce businesses, and how to conduct one, step by step.

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