UK exports hold record high | US-UK Trade and Investment Working Group | Say Bonjour to trading with France

Posted on 20/07/2018 by DHL Express

UK exports hold record high

The latest trade figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show demand for British goods and services is higher than ever. Exports in the year to May 2018 amounted to £620 billion.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox said: “We’re seeing a shift in the UK where we’re continuing to sell more than we buy. My international economic department will work with companies across the country to ensure they’re making the most of global opportunities.”

Separate figures released by the ONS last week showed UK exports grew faster to Canada, India and China than to the EU.

US-UK Trade and Investment Working Group

Last week the UK and the US Trade and Investment Working Group held their fourth meeting. The group was set up in July 2017 to focus on providing commercial continuity for UK and US businesses, workers and consumers as the UK leaves the EU.

The Working Group discussed a range of topics, including industrial and agricultural goods; services and investment, digital trade; and regulatory issues related to trade; and SMEs.

Say Bonjour to trading with France

If you’re a business looking to export to foreign markets, France should certainly be on your list. Not only is the nation on the world’s stage after winning the World Cup, but as the second largest country by population in Europe, it provides a great opportunity for online e-commerce.

Internet penetration is high and the percentage of users buying online stands between 50-60 per cent. There are signs that this is expanding fast and suggestions that France is on the cusp of an e-commerce mini-boom.




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