UK exports at record high | Could your business grow down under? | How small businesses can look bigger

Posted on 6/07/2018 by DHL Express

UK exports at record high

Latest figures released by the Department for International Trade show that UK goods and services rose to a record high of £620.2 billion in the year to March 2018. Demand for manufactured goods helped drive goods exports up by 10 per cent and exports grew faster to Canada (up 12.7 per cent), India (31.8 per cent) and China (15.3 per cent) than to the EU (10 per cent).

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox said: “Demand for high quality British products remained strong from countries outside the EU […] and we are putting companies in a position to benefit from growing global opportunities.”

Could your business grow down under?

Is your business successful in the UK? You could see success in Australia too. Not only do we share the English language but there are also 1.2 million Britons who are permanent residents down under.

Similarities in business and legal practices also point to ease of business. In fact, the World Bank has ranked Australia as the 14th easiest country to do business in. However, there are of course challenges, including the size and distance of the country, but help is at hand.

Read the Department for International Trade’s updated guide to exporting to Australia.

How small businesses can look bigger

How do small e-commerce businesses compete with the big competitors out there? It’s simply a case of making your brand look credible. Whether it’s through customer reviews, changing your email address format or adapting your tone of voice, there are a number of ways to look bigger than you really are.




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