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Posted on 20/05/2021 by DHL Express

UK economy picks up as lockdown restrictions ease

As restrictions lift, shops open and the vaccine rollout continues, the UK economy is expected to continue to recover after seeing a 2.1% growth in March. However, there are warnings of the longer-term effects of the pandemic, with government support lessened and taxes increased to cover pandemic-support programmes.

Trading figures for post-Brexit Britain show that since the beginning of January 2021, exports to non-EU countries from the UK has risen to £41.1billion, compared to an 18.1% decrease for EU-destined exports. According to the ONS, this has seen the UK’s trade deficit fall by £8.4billion.

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Three ways retailers are rethinking stores for future success

With the reopening of non-essential shops last month, in-store visits began climbing back to pre-COVID levels. Now stores must look at how they can continue to recover and begin competing with the acceleration of e-commerce retailers, driven by lockdown restrictions.

Click the link below to find out more about the three ways that retailers are looking to adapt to this new environment.

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The latest e-commerce news from around the world

E-commerce software provider Shopware has released its latest update to improve their checkout experience and allow shop owners to sell through Amazon and eBay. Meanwhile, Klarna are hoping to raise awareness around climate change by launching a new tool that provides their customers with a CO2 emissions breakdown for every purchase.

A new TikTok trend is providing the opportunity for luxury brands to attract new customers, plus a recent report has revealed some of the expectations of consumers when shopping internationally, including shipping costs and the buying experience.

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