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Posted on 31/03/2022 by DHL Express

How you could benefit from a UK Free Trade Agreement with Canada

Last week, the UK and Canada began negotiations on a new Free Trade Agreement, aiming to build on a trading relationship worth over £19 billion in 2020.

Canada’s import demand is projected to grow 45% by 2035, which means the UK could gain a competitive advantage in this flourishing market. A new deal could also ensure that British businesses make the most of preferential tariffs, bringing new opportunities to the 10,300 UK SMEs already exporting to Canada.

In digital, the trade talks will promote the adoption of digital trading systems to make it cheaper, faster and more secure for your business to trade overseas. Other key areas to be discussed that could benefit your business are tackling climate change by promoting green trade; ensuring that any free trade agreement supports women’s economic empowerment; and strengthening our ties to the Indo Pacific region as the UK builds towards access to CPTPP – a free trade area with a joint GDP of £8.4 trillion in 2020.

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Omnichannel customer service

A strong customer service is essential to creating a sustainable business, as it brings the benefit of both repeat and new sales. Without it a quality product and marketing strategy might not be enough for your business to thrive.

The constant developments in technology and growing customer expectations make it harder to rely on the traditional methods of customer service such as the call centre. Instead, the customer support experience across your channels should be seamless so that every customer’s query is dealt with efficiently, regardless of which contact point they started with.

Click below to find out whether your customer service is omnichannel and the benefits of using this approach.

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Commerce trends: Ramadan 2022

This year, the holy month of Ramadan is expected to see around 1.6 billion Muslims across the world join in 30 days of reflection, contemplation and celebration, beginning in the UK on the evening of Saturday 2 April.

Download our commerce trends guide, where we explore what this religious month means to Muslims, how it affects consumer behaviour and business practices, and how best to approach your new and existing customers during this time.

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