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Posted on 31/01/2019 by DHL Express

UK and New Zealand continue Mutual Recognition Agreement

Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, has signed an arrangement which will help boost trade between the UK and New Zealand. The agreement covers sectors accounting for around £169m of UK exports to New Zealand and will ensure UK and New Zealand businesses can continue to benefit from existing arrangements.

Dr Liam Fox says the agreement will provide business in both countries the certainty they need: “Our countries are laying down a clear commitment to each other’s trading relationship which has already grown to £2.7bn.”

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British bike exports soar

An analysis of recent data from HMRC revealed exports of bicycles made in Britain are at a record high. In total, bicycle exports to Asia and Oceania rose to a value of £10.8m in the year to November 2018. The United States remains a core market for the two-wheeled goods with imports increasing 7.8 per cent since the same period five years ago.

UK exports increased to £630 billion last year, showing the demand for British expertise and goods overseas remains strong. However, the Department for International Trade estimates that 400,000 businesses believe they could export but don’t.

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The Dubai startup in global demand

It took all of Ghizlan Guenez’s 13 years of private equity experience to get The Modist, her fashion company, off the ground. The Modist’s Chief Operations Officer, Lisa Bridgett, puts the success down to an eye for high-fashion modesty wear. “Modesty is a niche way that women dress, but it’s a global phenomenon that hasn’t been dealt with by the fashion market to date.”

Lisa also says knowing what women want is important. “Our top five locations are the UAE, US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Recently we even had hits from the Sahara Desert.”

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