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Posted on 14/04/2022 by DHL Express

The importance of sustainability for SMEs: a digital perspective

Did you know that, according to a recent study, SMEs account for 45% of the UK’s business energy use? This means that it’s more important than ever for them to assess their environmental impact.

The use of digital services and technology can play a pivotal role in helping businesses transform their sustainability practices, making it easier for SMEs to reduce their carbon footprint. Implementing collaborative cloud solutions rather than the traditional on-site hardware could cut tech energy consumption by up to 87%, and adopting a hybrid approach of both a physical and online retail space can be beneficial to your green strategy.

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6 barriers to selling internationally – and how to overcome them

Are you looking to grow your e-commerce business? With the growing availability of international shipping, it’s never been easier for online businesses to sell their products or services to the world. And with 57% of online shoppers claiming to have made an overseas purchase in the 1‌2 months to October 2‌0‌2‌1, it’s clear there is a market for brands to sell abroad. But when it comes to shipping internationally, there are important considerations to make before promoting this service to your customers.

We’ve identified six barriers that business can come up against when selling internationally, with advice for what you can do to overcome these.

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Latest e-commerce news from around the world

In this week’s e-commerce news, the growing popularity of the cross-border e-commerce market has seen its value increase by 17% on 2‌0‌2‌0, to US$1‌8‌9 billion.

Meanwhile, despite the cost-of-living crisis for consumers around the world, research shows they remain committed to their sustainability values. And finally, sticking with sustainability-focused news, Amazon UK announces that it has replaced single-use plastic packaging with recyclable paper delivery bags.

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