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Posted on 2/02/2022 by DHL Express

Small business in post-pandemic Britain

According to research, there is a three-phase approach that all businesses need to go through to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic – response, recover and thrive. However, changes in consumer expectations, greater lines of communication and recruitment of new staff mean that small businesses may find it easier to adjust and thrive in a post-pandemic Britain.

With consumers becoming increasingly demanding and preferring a personalised experience, small businesses can engage with their customers directly and have the flexibility to respond to changes perhaps quicker than their larger counterparts.

Small businesses can also benefit in the highly competitive area of recruitment, with over 40% of survey responders considering a new job, according to Forbes.

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Add a little love to your packaging this Valentine’s Day

It’s been found that 40% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from an online seller with premium packaging. So, it’s never been more important to get this part of your marketing strategy right. Your product packaging tells people a bit more about your brand, whether that is through a personal message, a free gift, or showcasing your sustainability goals by using recyclable materials.

Click below to find out more and go the extra mile with your product packaging this Valentine’s Day.

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Latest e-commerce news from around the world

In this week’s e-commerce news, B2B marketplaces are becoming part of the e-commerce mainstream with research estimating that sales on these platforms have increased by 130%. Meanwhile, with retailers and entrepreneurs moving online and using Shopify as their e-commerce tool, the number of stores on the platform has increased by over 200% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Finally with Valentine’s Day round the corner, and Google Trends data seeing a sharp increase in related words such as ‘romance’ and ‘flower delivery’, our 22 golden rules of e-commerce can help you prepare your business for the online rush.

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