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Posted on 29/09/2021 by DHL Express

From bricks to clicks: How to succeed at omnichannel retail

Did you know that 87% of shoppers want a personalised and consistent experience across all touchpoints in their path to purchase? Despite this, consumers feel retailers are coming up short, with 84% believing that more can be done by retailers to integrate their online and offline commerce channels.

With a strong omnichannel retail strategy for your business, you are able to carry customer data, feedback, preferences etc across the entire consumer journey, creating a targeted experience from the earliest point of contact, through to the final purchase decision.

Click below to discover our top tips for how to succeed at omnichannel retail.

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Government announces support for creative industries

UK businesses in the creative industries could benefit from government funding to help export goods and services globally. The Department for International Trade hosted an event last week as part of its new ‘Made in Britain, Sold to the World’ campaign to provide practical support for TV and Film, Music, Publishing, Fashion, Gaming, Advertising and Immersive Technology.

The UK is a world leader in creative talent, with exports reaching £37.9 billion in 2019 and global demand increasing. The package includes funding for businesses to expand their international reach, particularly in emerging markets such as Asia.

Minister for Exports Mike Freer said: “Along with the trade deals we’re striking, we are committed to helping our creative businesses fulfil their potential on the world stage, fuelling sustainable growth for British businesses and creating new jobs in every region and nation of the UK.”

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How retailers can achieve cut-through with the cautious consumer

Despite a recent survey revealing that many consumers are no worse off financially since the pandemic, many are still reluctant to spend. A combination of factors – such as wanting to increase savings, concerns about the ongoing pandemic and increases in grocery and utility prices – has had an impact on shoppers wanting to make new purchases.

If you’re looking to reach the cautious consumer, the advice is to focus on two areas: value and convenience. Over half of shoppers say value for money is the most important factor when choosing where to buy, while almost 40% named rapid and flexible delivery options as their number one priority.

Around a third of respondents say they will continue buying from local businesses now that restrictions are lifted, preferring to purchase online rather than in-store.

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