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Posted on 8/03/2018 by DHL Express

May’s latest speech marked a key milestone in the Brexit process

On Friday 2 March, Theresa May delivered her third Brexit speech and it was clear to all that there was a change in tone. May used this opportunity to deliver a couple of realities on trade with the EU and acknowledged the scale and complexity of the task in hand.

Adam Marshall from British Chambers of Commerce said: “the Prime Minister was clearer and more realistic than ever before on the political choices and economic trade-offs ahead.”

The most revealing passage for businesses was the Prime Minister’s suggestion that the UK would be prepared to pay in order to remain a member of some of the European regulatory agencies.

On goods and regulation, May accepted that UK standards would have to be at least as high as the EU’s but on services she admitted things would be more tough because services had never been included in previous deals.

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China sets its 2018 economic growth target

At the annual National People’s Congress, China announced that it had set its 2018 economic growth target at around 6.5 per cent.

China is now the world’s second largest economy and a key driver of global growth, but a reliance on borrowing has led to some political concern about debt.

The latest report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang said China would rein in financially risky operations and focus on slower but more sustainable consumption-based growth.

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Think inside the box!

Yes, you read that correctly. Build customer loyalty with little extras – inside the box! Even if you ordered a parcel yourself and were expecting its arrival or even if you’ve been waging a war of words on Twitter in the absence of one, the arrival of a parcel is still a special kind of reward.

If you are an online retailer then you have the unique opportunity to personalise your customers’ shipments and make their day that little bit brighter. Find out how you can fully embrace the power of your parcels with these cost effective and customer loyalty building suggestions.

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