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Posted on 29/07/2021 by DHL Express

Businesses can have a leading role in our green future

In response to the latest report on Green Trade, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the BCC has released a statement, declaring that businesses have a big part to play in the green transition, and that there needs to be support in order for them to access the new green market.

In the press release, he says: “With the UK government continuing free trade negotiations with new and existing partners, it is crucial that it expands opportunities for UK businesses through the switch to greener technologies and practices especially in its approach to investment and procurement.”

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New measures to save UK wine imports £130m a year

With the second largest wine trade in the world, the government are planning to make the process of importing it into the UK cheaper and easier.

The proposal would see the removal of the VI-1 certification required on all wine imports into the UK, which currently adds 10p onto every bottle. This will mean the same quality products at a cheaper price for the British consumer.

International Trade Minister Ranil Jayawardena, said: “Through our trade deals, we are making it easier for British consumers to access to top-quality products from around the world – including wine – and we are bringing down foreign trade barriers to open up even more opportunities for British businesses to succeed overseas.”

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The latest e-commerce news from around the world

The latest forecasts show that technological advances and the pandemic have both been key in the number of e-commerce users surpassing 500 million for the first time. Meanwhile, with the ever-increasing use of messaging apps, western businesses are ready to join the ‘conversational commerce’ (c-commerce) wave.

In other e-commerce news, 49% of shoppers consider the returns policy when making an online purchase, and German retailers have recognised the importance of this, with one in two offering a longer returns period than is legally required. Also, new reports from France reveal the increasing popularity of instalment payments for goods amongst French consumers.

Finally, NatWest customers can see the CO2 emissions linked to their purchases with a new carbon tracking feature on its app.

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