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Posted on 6/05/2021 by DHL Express

Historic Trade Act becomes law

Last Thursday the Trade Act officially became law, meaning that deals already signed with 67 countries – worth £218 billion – are now part of UK legislation. The Act allows the UK to prioritise its own interests and will provide greater certainty for British businesses trading overseas, ultimately creating a pathway to economic recovery from COVID-19.

International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, said: “Our aim is to strengthen trading links…with fast-growing economies of the future, positioning Britain where the future growth is and securing our place in a rapidly changing world… By doing so, we will propel a jobs-led, exports-led and investment-led recovery from COVID-19 and bring prosperity to all parts of our United Kingdom.”

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UK Indonesia Joint Trade Review identifies key sectors for growth

The Joint Trade Review between the UK and Indonesia, set up to assess the condition of existing trading relationships and areas for development and improvement, has been concluded after 18 months of review.

As well as addressing challenges and opportunities, and providing recommendations for enhancing economic relations, the review highlights priority sectors that both countries have agreed on. These sectors include food and drink, renewable and green energy, infrastructure and transportation, and technology.

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Silver surfers: the changing face of the online shopper

The evolution of online spending has no doubt been boosted by the pandemic, but recent studies have revealed the emergence of an exciting new demographic of online shoppers. We take a look at how the baby boomer generation, aka ‘silver surfers’, have been driven towards online shopping as a result of stores closing and having to stay at home.

With research suggesting that this trend is unlikely to end after the pandemic and that these new big spenders are here to stay, is your business ready to capture these exciting new sales opportunities?

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