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Posted on 1/08/2019 by DHL Express

53 per cent of UK retail sales to move online within 10 years

Analysts Retail Economics have found that online shopping could more than double its share of the retail market by 2028 as younger people who grew up with the internet become more than half of the UK’s adult population.

Retailers will need to adapt to the increasing change with the internet expected to account for half of UK retail sales in 10 years’ time. Analyst Richard Lim says: “It definitely feels like the digital retail revolution is only just getting started.”

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What’s new in the world of e-commerce?

Does more choice always equal a better experience? Whilst online shopping is growing at an exponential rate, it can sometimes present so many products and options that consumers are left feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

With information overload, there is a risk of fewer sales so what can be done to improve purchase rates? More retailers are now turning to AI to analyse a shopper’s profile to help declutter the process, revealing only the products most likely to be to their taste.

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How to create a winning employer brand

Last week our Vice President of HR UK and IE, Caroline Andrews, spoke on building a more competitive employer brand for a LinkedIn webcast. She was joined by LinkedIn’s Talent Acquisition Manager John McCall to discuss “Beating the UK’s Skills Gap: Creating a Winning Employer Brand”.

We’re sharing some of our top takeaways to help your business build a stellar employer brand. Check out the blog and watch the webcast for some great insights.

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