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Posted on 25/11/2021 by DHL Express

Green travel projects to boost international trade

This week, Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, outlined the government’s commitment to safe and sustainable travel as a way to boost international trade and create jobs across the UK. Speaking at the World Expo in Dubai, the Transport Secretary wants to encourage international collaboration on innovative transport projects, including zero-emission flight, sustainable fuel and autonomous vehicles.

During his time at the Expo, Shapps plans to build new relationships and share best practice with the UAE to position both countries as world leaders in high-tech travel. He said: “Working together with the UAE, a renowned high-tech futuristic transport hub, will allow us to drive these changes forward while boosting investment and creating jobs across the UK.”

Bringing in almost £18 billion to the UK economy every year, the UAE are one of the UK’s leading trade partners and are a world centre for futuristic transport technology.

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Could you use social listening to grow your business?

Next year more businesses than ever will be tuning in to what customers are saying on social media to help them keep up with customers’ changing preferences and stay ahead of the competition, according to a survey by Hootsuite.

Results from their 2022 Social Media Trends Survey show that nearly two thirds of respondents said that social listening has increased in value for their organisation in the last year.

This method of social listening involves tracking mentions of your brand across social media platforms to gain valuable insights about customer trends. By using tools to track mentions, conversations and keywords related to your business, you can start to understand how people feel about your brand, get insights on competitors and identify what works for your customers.

Find out how you can turn what your customers are saying into benefits for your business.

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How to add the personal touch to B2B e-commerce

As online sales are growing, many B2B companies are considering how to replicate the personal touch of a traditional seller/buyer relationship through e-commerce channels.

Where B2C companies use personalisation to encourage impulse buying, B2B businesses can use it to increase efficiencies at every touchpoint, from website search to catalogues and pricing mechanisms.

By incorporating personalisation into your customer journey, you can increase engagement, keep people browsing your site for longer and ensure return business in the future. Click below to see how you can make the most of personalisation tools as part of your B2B e-commerce site.

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