Goods exports boom across the UK | UK and Egypt progress trade talks | Change your perspective on the world

Posted on 14/06/2018 by DHL Express

Goods exports boom across the UK

Latest figures released by HMRC in their positive analysis show the number of VAT-registered businesses exporting goods in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has risen by 4.1 per cent from the previous year to 109,000.

It’s reported that businesses are taking advantage of global interest in UK goods with the number of exports to non-EU countries rising to more than 47,000. The most popular non-EU destinations include the USA, Australia and Switzerland.

UK and Egypt progress trade talks

Graham Stuart, the Minister for Investment for the UK, recently met with the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, HE Eng Tarek Kabil in Cairo to progress trade talks.

Both Ministers welcomed the UK’s intention to avoid any disruption to trade during the Brexit negotiations. Significant process has also been made so far in discussions to ensure continuity of the EU-Egyptian Association Agreement, which facilitates almost £3 billion in trade between the UK and Egypt.

Change your perspective on the world

Whether you’re running an SME, a new company or home business, when you take time off, make it count.

In DHL’s ‘Diverse Earth’ article, we’ll be making ten strong appeals to your spirit of adventure. From the dazzling diversity of a tropical rainforest, to the fascinatingly barren Arctic tundra, here are our top 10 trips that could change your perspective on the world (and your business plans).




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