Delivery trends 2021 | UK trade deals with Turkey | What Brits bought in 2020

Posted on 6/01/2021 by DHL Express

Delivery and logistics trends for 2021

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world may have changed people’s habits in the short term, but there are also consumer and business behaviours which are here to stay.

We take a look at the trends set to last as we enter 2021: these include the lasting impact to e-commerce websites, how we will further need to digitalise and incorporate changes to user interfaces and experiences to accommodate older customers, and how the B2B sector continues to be in a transformative period too. B2B sales interactions are moving towards a more digital approach; the message to B2B companies is clear – start investing in your e-commerce channels now.

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UK-Turkey trade agreement

The UK has signed a trade deal with Turkey which will continue to support a trading relationship worth £18.6 billion in 2019. The agreement secured existing preferential tariffs for the 7,600 UK businesses that exported goods to Turkey in 2019.

Both countries have also committed to working towards a more ambitious free trade agreement in the future, which will go further than the existing deal and will be tailored to the UK economy.

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What we bought in 2020

Although consumer spending was down overall there were noticeable changes in the way Brits spent their money in 2020. Spending on essential items climbed 4.1% and independent businesses benefited as many more people spent money locally.

The wave to champion independents looks to continue as consumer confidence research from Barclaycard showed that 57% of Brits wanted to increase their support of nearby businesses as a result of lockdown restrictions.

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