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Posted on 28/03/2019 by DHL Express

UK trade agreement with Caribbean countries

The UK has signed a trade agreement with a series of Carribbean countries meaning businesses and consumers will continue to benefit from current arrangements in place. The UK is an important export market for the Caribbean, buying 100 per cent of Saint Lucia’s banana exports in 2017. These preferential terms are part of the UK government’s commitment to supporting developing countries to reduce poverty through trade.

The Minister for Trade Policy, George Hollingbery, was delighted to sign the agreement. “It will help to support jobs in the UK and throughout the Caribbean, as well as ensuring that the British supermarkets shelves continue to be stocked with the best Caribbean produce such as bananas, sugar and rum.”

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New actions to enhance support for UK exporters

New measures have been put in place to enhance UK Export Finance (UKEF) support for UK exporters. A new General Export Facility (GEF) will be introduced and launch a consultation into UKEF’s foreign content policy. Through this new support, a wider range of exporters, notably smaller businesses, will be able to access and benefit from UKEF support.

International Trade Secretary and President of the Board of Trade Dr Liam Fox said this will help the UK reach its true trading potential. “The measures announced today demonstrate the UK government’s continued commitment to helping UK exporters succeed in overseas markets with the right support from UK Export Finance.”

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The latest trends to keep your brand current

For any brand, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is a must. Whether that be sustainable business practices, social selling or payment methods, there is always something new for organisations to be doing to stay current.

For example, one million Italian consumers are now using mobile payment systems in shops and restaurants, accounting for a huge rise of 650 per cent in mobile payments over the past year. This is big news for a country that has traditionally relied on cash. Find out what else brands should be looking into be at the top of their industry.

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