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Posted on 14/01/2021 by DHL Express

Running your business from home effectively

Just because you’re not at an office desk, doesn’t mean you can’t be just as productive. In fact, many people find that their efficiency goes up when they’re outside of the typical office space.

We take a look at assigning and completing tasks, prioritising individual working, managing remote teams, communication and burnout. Find out how you and your team can harness the power of remote working and give your business a boost.

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The UK businesses adapting and thriving

Small business owners share what they have learned from previous shutdowns and how it might help them through the next couple of months and perhaps beyond. Many businesses are preparing for a more permanent shift as they say the process of shopping has changed.

From Facetime consultations, selling on social media and finding new courier services, hear from the British businesses who have adapted to survive and are now even entering periods of growth.

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Built to last: How Levi Strauss manages to stay relevant and capture new markets

COVID-19 devastated the world’s retail landscape, but that didn’t stop Levi Strauss. A combination of swift fixes, strategic innovation and clever thinking steered the company through the crisis.

The year-on-year increase in Levi Strauss’ e-commerce sales was 50% in June 2020. Read about how they tackled everything from the supply chain to social media and remote working in a special interview with Operations Manager for Europe, Danielle Cipolletti.

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