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Peak season is the hardest and most rewarding time of year for many businesses. If you’re reading this and haven’t implemented your preparations there are still things you can do even in the limited time ahead of the lucrative holiday shopping period.

The pandemic has fuelled e-commerce growth this year, as retail store closures nudged a record number of buyers online, some for the first time. Many e-commerce businesses have already had to adapt this year, and some are even better placed to cope with the fluctuating demands of the festive shopping season than before.

Traditional festive gatherings and shopping centre dashes are not going to carry the festive cheer they usually do so how can you make sure your online business is attracting the crowd and delivering the best experience throughout this time?

1. Make sure you are found
Marketplaces are a great way to make sure you are reaching more people, especially the newly converted to digital commerce customer base. Customers are using marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon as a way to search, be inspired and locate what they purchase as quickly and conveniently as possible. Even if you currently sell through your own e-commerce website, setting up an additional store on an online marketplace can expand your reach to millions more customers around the world.

2. Ready behind the scenes
Take a look at your backend, you need to make sure your website is running smoothly and optimised to handle a huge increase in traffic. Make sure all plugins are up-to-date and the checkout process has no hitches.

3. Be mobile friendly
More consumers are shopping via their phones, mobile optimisation has never been more important for creating a good shopping experience. Test your site on mobile to make sure your formatting works well and analyse your bounce rate; if your website loads slowly customers may be deterred by the dwell time and go somewhere else.

4. Deliver shipping choices
Did you know that 91% of customers will leave a website if shipping isn’t free or fast enough? Customers are looking for flexibility and choice, they want to order and pay on their terms. Offering a range of shipping and payment options will increase your chances of converting a successful sale.

E-commerce Health Check
Currently, of the world’s 195 countries, it’s estimated that approximately 50-60% participate in Black Friday activity in some form or another. For this reason, it’s the ideal time for you to think about shipping internationally if you don’t already do so.

At DHL Express, we’re experts in helping businesses cope with sudden increases in demand and helping growing e-commerce businesses reach new markets easily and seamlessly. Simply tell us about your business in a few simple steps and we’ll share personalised advice on how to optimise your e-commerce website and grow your global exports.

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