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Tech supports Scottish exports | UAE GDP growth | E-commerce insights

UK export growth | Turkey | E-commerce trends insights

Scottish businesses urged to increase exports with new tech

Businesses across Scotland are being urged to increase their export activity and explore new markets with the help of digital technologies.

As more companies embrace e-commerce to expand their websites into online stores, online sales are accounting for an increasing percentage of international trade. Whilst Europe and the US are two key export markets, the Middle East, Asia and South America also offer increasingly good prospects for those who want to develop their market abroad.

And it’s not just Scottish businesses that can benefit; there are plenty of opportunities for all British companies to take their business beyond the UK.


UAE GDP growth expected to continue

The United Arab Emirates GDP grew 4.6 per cent last year and is set to continue to perform strongly in 2015.

Welcoming this growth, Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum announced: “Today UAE has a robust and diversified economic base and great optimism about the future and the projects we have launched.”

The UAE is one of the easiest Middle Eastern countries for doing business as English is widely used as a business language and Free Trade Zones make it an attractive destination and regional hub for international companies. More than 5,000 British companies are already operating in the UAE.

Further e-commerce insights with Fortnum & Mason and Asos

Building on the opportunities for British companies to expand their businesses overseas, we have published the second part of the main learnings from the question and answer session with DHL, Fortnum and Mason and Asos on 15 June 2015.

As Fortnum & Mason’s Logistics Manager Dave Woodroof advises, “The UK is great – but for more growth, look internationally.”

This section focuses on choosing the right target markets specifically for your business, keeping an eye on the latest trends – both close to home and further away – and innovating your e-commerce proposition to better anticipate and meet customers’ needs.


Thursday 25 June 2015

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