Mission 2050


DPDHL has a well-publicised climate protection goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

The mission of zero emissions logistics is supported by interim milestones including the introduction of clean transport solutions; we are working to reduce local air pollutants and many customers will have experienced their end of mile deliveries arriving by bike or electric vehicle.

When it comes to helping our customers, we are facilitating the design of environmentally friendly supply chains and supporting switches to climate neutral shipping solutions through our GoGreen service. We are training our employees to become certified GoGreen specialists so they can advise customers on how we can make the future greener together.

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Electric Fleet


Our vision to deploy a fleet of zero-emission electric vans finally became a reality in London in August 2019. DHL Express has been exploring many ways of delivering in city centres using alternative fuels, deploying couriers on e-bikes and on foot; however what is exciting about these new electric vans is they are the first vehicles that will give us full direct load capability, meaning they’ll be a direct replacement for our standard DHL delivery vehicle. They’ll do up to 75 miles on one charge so our view is these will be the first deployment of what will be up to 400+ vehicles within the next 5 years.

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Climate Neutral


Switching to climate neutral shipping is a huge step forward to compensating for greenhouse gas emissions and it might be easier than you think!

You can offset your carbon emissions by choosing to switch to GoGreen logistics with DHL Express. This is a climate neutral shipping option that works with projects to offset the emissions emitted during transporting shipments.

Speak to your Account Manager or contact our Business Advisors using the below contact details to discuss opening an account.

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In collaboration with the British Fashion Council, and NGO Julie’s Bicycle, DHL developed an insightful White Paper which addresses the environmental impacts of the global fashion industry. Download the paper for recommendations on sustainable practices and future-facing solutions.


We know that a lot of businesses are already considering how they impact the world around them, but by answering a few simple questions we hope to help you identify some areas to improve your business’ impact on the environment.

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