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DHL Express offers a broad range of services designed to cater for all your shipping requirements. All our export and import services offer secure door-to-door delivery with full tracking visibility.

Export Services

Export Services

DHL Express Worldwide offers deliveries by the end of the next possible working day.

Need it there earlier? Our Express 9:00 and Express 12:00 services will ensure your shipment is delivered before the start or middle of the next possible working day.

We also offer a more economical option for less urgent, heavier deliveries to Europe with DHL Economy Select, our road service to Europe with shipments delivered in a defined number of days.

Although we specialise in international delivery, DHL Express also offers fast and reliable delivery within the United Kingdom. DHL Domestic Express provides next working day delivery to 98 per cent of UK businesses. If an earlier delivery is required, DHL Domestic Express 12:00 and DHL Domestic Express 9:00 services are also available.

Detailed information on our Export Services is available here.

Import Services

Import Services

Our import services enable you to bring shipments into the UK from 214 countries and still be billed in the UK. Upfront pricing in British Pounds is standard so you’ll know in advance the cost of your shipment, removing the uncertainty created by fluctuating exchange rates. Your imports are collected by DHL Express in the origin country and travel door to door through our fully integrated network. In addition to providing full visibility at all times on the status of your shipments, Express 9:00 and Express 12:00 options are available for more urgent imports.

Detailed information on our Import Services is available here.

Optional Services

Optional Services

DHL Express offers a wide range of services to complement our standard delivery services.

If you need extra peace of mind, our Shipment Insurance service covers you in the unlikely event that your shipments are lost or damaged in transit. The option to send shipments under our Duties and Taxes Paid service means the international recipient will receive their goods without paying any additional customs charges that can be applied at destination. Our GoGreen Services allow you to assess and offset the carbon emissions generated through sending your shipments.

Our range of Optional Services will help you tailor our service to match your needs.
More details are available here.