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Raise a glass to lowering tariffs | Turkey export partnership | Innovative ecommerce

Government look to reduce tariffs on iconic Scottish tipple
The UK government has proposed a reduction on high tariffs as part of an initiative to boost overseas trade in world-renowned UK products. The Department for International Trade (DIT) has already started work to make it easier for UK companies to benefit from trading opportunities across the world post-Brexit.
Officials are looking to see where future trade agreements could reduce export tariffs for iconic Scottish goods such as Scotch whisky, smoked salmon and gin. Currently tariffs on Scotch whisky can be over 150 per cent of the value of the product.
In 2016, the UK exported over £300 billion of goods, of which whisky was worth over £5 billion alone, thanks to seven of the UK’s top whisky export markets situated outside the EU. The government is ensuring that as we leave the EU the industry can tackle tariffs and boost overseas sales.

New export partnership with Turkey
Last week, the Department for International Trade (DIT) announced an agreement between the UK and Turkey to strengthen trade and boost investment in both respective countries. The UK and Turkey already shared £11.9 billion worth of trade in 2016.
The government’s export credit agency, UK Export Finance (UKEF) and Turkish counterpart, Export Credit Bank of Turkey (ECBT), will co-finance projects as part of the agreement. This includes new opportunities to combine their financial support to co-finance in other countries to secure global contracts.
At the same time the UKEF support for exports to Turkey has doubled to up to £3.5 billion, making an additional £1.75 billion available for UK companies.
What are the big brands doing to set themselves apart online?
Ecommerce has grown into a multi-billion pound industry, so it is increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. The best brands are evolving rapidly and using innovative design to distinguish their ecommerce strategies from the rest.
Brands leading the race include; Wayfair Inc., Recreational Equipment Inc., Simply Gum, Nike, and Apple. Each brand has tailored their ecommerce site and evolved in line with their customers’ needs.
Home goods retailer, Wayfair, knew that furniture ecommerce sales would take time to mature; they took into consideration that purchases made on their site were long-term. Working with a progressive UX design team they helped shoppers see products in real-life studio settings and collate up to 100 pieces of factual information on every single product on offer.

Thursday 10 August 2017

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