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Postponed VAT Accounting

Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA) was introduced by HMRC on 1 January 2‌0‌2‌1 as a way for businesses to account for VAT applied by HMRC on shipments being imported into the UK (where VAT is applicable).

Until now, DHL Express has operated PVA on a customer “opt-in” basis. However, from 1 February 2‌0‌2‌2, we will automatically apply PVA for all VAT registered customers whenever import VAT is due.

PVA benefits your business by improving cash flow, as registered UK businesses can declare and recover import VAT on the same VAT Return, rather than having to pay it upfront and recover it later. Check when you can account for import VAT on your VAT Return here.

HMRC will provide digital statements detailing PVA transactions. Find out how you can get your postponed import VAT statement here.

Important: This update will be for all customers, including those who currently operate under their own HMRC Deferment Account. Please consider your own business model ahead of this update to avoid confusion with your internal accounting systems.

If you do not wish for PVA to be applied, and want to continue receiving invoices to pay the costs up front or have the costs charged to your deferment account, please opt out of PVA by emailing ukimpcmf@dhl.com by 14 January 2‌0‌2‌2, ensuring you include your company name, address and VAT/EORI number.

If you have already registered for PVA with DHL Express, or previously informed us that you do not want to operate PVA, please be assured that this is set up for your account and no further action is necessary.

Accessing your online PVA statements from HMRC

1. Register for the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) here:

Note: you will need a HMRC Government Gateway Account. If you do not already have one, click the green ‘Get Access’ button to create a new account.

2. Once registered for CDS, click the following link and sign in to Government Gateway:

The statement will be listed under ‘Monthly Postponed Import VAT Statement’ for CHIEF.

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