Painting the town yellow: DHL at Canary Wharf

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Posted by matt : Posted on March 11, 2011

Our Next Day Documents Service helps everyone from small businesses to big multinational corporations get their important documents to the US on time. To celebrate the hard work our Next Day team are doing, we decided to paint the town (well, Canary Wharf) yellow

DHL Canary Wharf 19

DHL Canary Wharf 8

This blog isn’t really about DHL, but sometimes we can’t resist.

As you can probably tell from the pictures above, the usually shy and retiring folk at DHL have been working hard to paint Canary Wharf yellow. Bright canary yellow.

What’s all this in aid of we hear you ask? Well, we thought it was about time we reminded everybody that with DHL’s Next Day Documents service, you can be sure your important documents will get to the US on time. And with our very own DHL helicopter, VIP documents can be carried from JFK to the heart of the NY financial sector!

DHL Canary Wharf 15

If you want to see for yourself, London City Airport and Canary Wharf will be sporting their funky DHL feathers throughout March.

Hopefully, it’s getting the message across. After all, that yellow is pretty hard to miss.

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