Nectar & DHL

DHL Express: the only courier to offer Nectar points on your shipping

Nectar is Britain’s most popular loyalty programme – and Nectar makes it easy for you and your company to collect points when making everyday transactions.

As a Nectar partner we reward you and your company for sending parcels; you can collect Nectar points every time you send a parcel with DHL.

Start collecting points today: simply link your DHL Express account with your Nectar card.

Link your eligible accounts and start collecting points.


Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to collect Nectar points with DHL?

If your DHL Express account is linked to one of our contract tariffs, is not exempt from surcharges and you do not re-sell DHL services – then congratulations, you are eligible! To check your eligibility either ask your account manager or email
How do I link my DHL and Nectar accounts?

Go to and click on ‘Link my accounts’. You will need to know your DHL and Nectar account numbers, as well as your activation code, to complete the registration.
What’s an activation code and how do I get one?

An activation code allows you to link your DHL and Nectar accounts. If your DHL account qualifies for Nectar points, simply send an email containing your account number and company name to with “Nectar Activation” in the subject line. Your account manager can also provide you with an activation code.
When will I start earning points with DHL?

You will start earning points once your DHL Express and Nectar accounts are linked. You will earn points for every shipment sent during the month you register your card – and every month from then on!
When will points show on my Nectar account?

Points will show by the middle of the following month. So, for example, October points will show on your Nectar account by the middle of November.
Who do I ask if my points are not right?

All queries regarding points collected via your DHL account should be forwarded to
Can I collect points using my existing personal Nectar card?

If you already have a personal card, you can link this to your DHL account, provided you are the business owner/management or have their permission to do so.

For further help on your Nectar queries, please click here.