How to create a winning employer brand

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On Tuesday 23 July our Vice President of HR UK and IE, Caroline Andrews, spoke on building a more competitive employer brand for a LinkedIn webcast. She was joined by LinkedIn’s Talent Acquisition Manager John McCall to discuss “Beating the UK's Skills Gap: Creating a Winning Employer Brand”. We’re sharing some of the top takeaways to enable your business to build a stellar employer brand.

What is employer brand?

As your business grows so will your need to build a talented workforce. If you’re at this point you have probably focused on your marketing brand but now, it’s time to consider your employer brand more closely. Employer brand is the reputation your company portrays as an employer and the values it instils in its workforce.

The employee value proposition

Understanding that the people who work for you are what will make your business successful is key to your talent acquisition strategy. At DHL Express we believe that employees are at the heart of our business and every individual is crucial to helping us drive wider business goals. With this in mind we have worked to make sure talent acquisition and retention is a board issue and priority.

We’re competing against a lot of very attractive employers so how do we do this?

Our employer brand is all about our reputation, and our existing employees are the best brand ambassadors we have. We put a heavy focus on celebrating the talent, achievements and long service of employees through a variety of reward programmes and experiences. A great people experience promotes storytelling and emotional content that has the ability to both enrich existing employees’ time at the business and strike a chord with potential candidates.

As well as rewarding and celebrating we have found that showcasing the development opportunities available proves extremely attractive to prospective candidates. People who choose to develop and progress their career at DHL Express have on average more than double the length of service at 19 years.

Potential candidates can be impressionable across multiple touch points, so our HR and Marketing teams work closely together to communicate about culture consistently internally and externally. Social media is an essential channel because it gives candidates another chance to see what we represent and join the dots between our commercial and employer brand.

Where to begin

LinkedIn’s Talent Acquisition Manager John McCall believes that your talent brand is in your pocket! Starting small using a smartphone, mic and tripod can produce genuinely authentic content. If you nail this there will be opportunity to tweak and scale as you grow.

Defining key messages you want your team to run with and being clear about this is also important. To get started ask yourself these questions:

  • What do your employees say about working for you? If you don’t know, ask them!
  • What does your employer brand stand for?
  • What can a candidate achieve in your business?
  • What language do you want to use in your communications?

For further takeaways on talent acquisition strategy you can listen to the webcast here.



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