Growth Hacking for E-commerce: Top tips for growing your business online

We attended the event Growth Hacking for E-commerce, hosted by General Assembly and Shopify, to see Gavin Ballard from Disco share his top tips for growing your e-commerce business.


1. Improve your customer email strategy

Ballard advised that businesses should move from transactional emails (those triggered by a user’s action on site) to relationship emails (focused on building a real relationship with your customer).

Updating your customer at different points of their purchase journey will give them peace of mind and reassurance. For example, order placed, order cancelled, order updated, payment approved, order shipped, etc. In addition, post-order follow-ups that give customers future discounts will help to maintain customer loyalty.

When you give your customers more information, you’re pre-empting their questions. This can result in a drop in customer support enquiries. You can also gather valuable feedback and increase repeat purchases as your customers become more engaged with your brand.

Ultimately, the more time and strategy you spend nurturing and building relationships with your customers, the better chance you have to create a better overall customer experience.

Ballard also recommended that businesses should map out their current email strategy to improve functionality, content and branding. Also ensure that the next steps for the customer are clear in your email communications.

2. Help customers spread the word

Give your customers the tools to share your products and brand and they will increase your reach.

A strong social media strategy can begin with the simple addition of social sharing buttons next to content on your website or online shop. This will make it easier for your customers to spread the word about your brand and products or services and increase social referrals to your site.

If you manage this process carefully, capture the right data and analyse the links back from sales, you can often directly attribute sales to this social media activity.

Also review what your customers are sharing via social media to identify what they care about. You can use this information to support your future content and promotion strategy.

3. Create an evergreen product campaign

Develop a series of product marketing campaigns that don’t need to drastically change every time to create a consistent message and simplify your marketing strategy.

For example, an ‘order by x date’ campaign gives you a time sensitive product that will create a sense of urgency, making your customers more likely to click and purchase.

Keep in touch with your customers and gently remind them about who you are and what you do. However, don’t bombard your customers with the same message every time. Create a calendar of regular target email campaigns but change up the message so that you’re only sending the same campaign once every six months or so.

Recurring campaigns often create recurring revenue from the same customers and ultimately increase sales.


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