Google+: A big plus for international traders

Google Plus

Great news! We’re taking the global trade conversation to Google+.

Why Google+? Because we think it’s shaping up to be an essential hub for the online international trade community.

A rapidly expanding social media platform, G+ is a compelling way to share export news, ask questions, and share market tips. And to help us all do even more to get Britain trading.

Google+ has plenty of revolutionary features to get excited about – from circles that help you share the right stuff with the right people, to hangouts where you can video chat with contacts and colleagues at any time.

Trust us, with the amazing content we’ve got coming, you’ll definitely want to be part of the DHL Express Google+ journey.

Don’t miss out on exclusive international trade news, advice, competitions, hangouts and support.

Follow us now. Add us to your circles. And don’t forget to +1 us!

Already on Google+? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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