Going global

International trade can be the next logical step towards growing your business or developing in new markets

Exploiting the opportunities that international trade offers is exciting, but it is also a more complex process than trading within the UK. It’s not just about you and your customers.

You will also be dealing with customs, other government authorities, banks, insurers, export/import service providers and international carriers.

And you will need to familiarise yourself with how trade is conducted in other countries with different business practices, cultures, customs and currencies. Success depends on developing a robust export/import strategy, thorough market research, a good understanding of the business issues you need to address, and knowing where to go for help, advice and support.

This site has been designed to guide you through the early stages of going global. It introduces you to many other organisations that can help you and provides lots of useful information and resources.

We wish you all the best in making your international business ventures a success.