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In uncertain times the best way to reduce risk and increase your opportunities for growth is to expand into more markets. To make sure your business is ready and open for international business your website needs to act as your storefront to the world.

British fashion businesses are in an especially strong position to sell internationally as they are valued for their unique, high quality and competitively priced goods.

There are more than 2 billion online shoppers worldwide and in 2020 cross-border e-commerce is predicted to grow to $1 trillion. We’ve pulled together our top considerations when preparing an e-commerce website for international trade.

Tell your customers you sell internationally

It may seem obvious, but it’s good practice to be clear from the moment a customer arrives on your homepage that you sell and ship internationally. Add a banner with clear messaging and a link to your shipping page. A simple action like this tells an international audience you are open for business.

Get to grips with customs

Eliminate the element of surprise for your customers and include duties and taxes in your pricing. Customers are more receptive to paying more for an item that includes tax, rather than paying this in addition and you could see basket values increase.

Optimise, optimise, optimise!

So, you’ve succeeded in getting someone to your website, now you want to keep them there. Make it as accessible as possible by offering local language options to keep international customers shopping. In a recent survey, 55 per cent of respondents said they would only buy from websites where information was available in their own language.

Studies have also shown 20 per cent increases in conversion when landing pages and adverts were translated into the local language and a staggering 70 per cent when websites were fully localised.

What’s more, offering payment and currency options that are local to the market you’re selling in not only make your products even more desirable but also make it easier for your customers to buy from you over a competitor.

Give your customers choice on their shipping options

Consumer demands are high with customers expecting more choice, flexibility and speed than ever before. If you don’t already, consider offering an express service internationally. Our evidence shows that introducing Express leads to higher shopping cart spend and it’s not unusual to see increases of 70 per cent.

Once you’ve shipped an order, keep the shopper informed with proactive delivery notifications and options. In a DHL survey, 29 per cent of online shoppers said they had changed aspects of their delivery ‘on the fly’ to secure a more convenient time or location to take receipt of their order.

E-commerce growth in action

Winner of the DHL Fashion Potential Award 2019, NAECO, has been working with a DHL Account Manager and e-commerce team to prepare their website for international success. Since winning they have not only updated their website with new products and collections but implemented smart changes to connect with local audiences. Check out their website:

Are your shoppers asking to GoGreen?

DHL has been a committed partner to the fashion industry for decades; working behind the scenes of a fast moving and creative industry requires an agile and intelligent approach to delivering global logistics solutions. DHL is also the leading green logistics provider. Our group-wide environmental protection programme GoGreen is an expression of our strong sense of responsibility. If you are looking for advice on how your business can switch to climate neutral shipping, speak to one of our Business Advisors.


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