Shipping tools

DHL Online Shipping

For customers with internet access who send less than 50 shipments per month. No special software or training is required.


  • A DHL account number (beginning ‘13’ or ‘18’)
  • Email address
  • PC with internet connection
  • Your browser should have Javascript and cookies enabled

DHL IntraShip

Designed to support customers where there is a need to have more than one person preparing shipments who, if required, can be at more than one site. So simple to use that little training is required. Can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • A DHL account
  • Browser
  • Internet Access
  • Printer
  • Email

DHL EasyShip

Great for customers who prepare shipments and print labels in bulk, DHL EASYSHIP can be installed on customers’ own equipment with options to enable a multi-user, networked configuration.


  • A DHL account
  • PC with a Pentium III and internet connection
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • Works with laser printers for hard copy labels and customs documentation, and thermal label printers

DHL EDI Services

Aimed at customers with large numbers of shipments to process who want to make shipping as efficient as possible. It enables customers to prepare DHL compliant labels and reports directly from their own warehouse management systems.


Various connection options supported through remote access environment:

  • Internet dial-up (ISDN/PSTN)
  • Value-added network (VAN)
  • X.400, X.25, etc.