Electronic Billing

Our electronic billing service, DHL MyBill, enables you to view and manage your DHL Express invoices online, download documentation and raise invoice queries. 

What are the benefits?

  • Paperless Transactions: When an e-invoice has been raised an email is sent to you with the invoice attached in PDF format and containing the web link to the MyBill website where you can view and download your invoice in several formats
  • Multiple Formats: E-invoices can be downloaded in a variety of formats including HTML, CSV file (for importing into a spreadsheet such as Excel), PDF (ideal for printing or sending as an attachment) and XML.
  • Online History Search: Your e-invoices are online for 12 months, so you can quickly search and find an invoice in a matter of seconds.
  • Waybill Retrieval: Waybill images are available to view online making it easier for you to review and validate your invoices.
  • Register Invoice Enquiries Online: If you have a query regarding your shipment, this can be logged online saving the need to telephone.
  • Pay Online: Using a combination of digital signatures and powerful encryption technologies you can pay your e-invoices quickly and securely online using your MyBill login.
  • Direct Debit Registration: You can set up your DHL account on Direct Debit using our online mandate form.

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