Additional services

Additional services that make shipping with DHL easy.

Insurance. Providing peace of mind that in the event of shipment damage or loss there is extra cover for replacement or repair.

Saturday delivery. Deliveries to major European business areas on a Saturday. Surcharge £30.

Pro-active delivery notification. Automatically providing delivery information on shipments shortly after delivery.

Customs Clearance services. DHL offers a range of non-standard import and export clearance and handling services.

Heavyweight one-off pricing. DHL can also support these larger shipments. Please contact your local DHL service centre for support.

Deliver Taxes Paid. DHL can deliver shipments to your receiver Duty and Tax Paid. Surcharge £16.

Remote Area service. DHL can deliver to these remote locations, check our capabilities online at £16.

Dry Ice Shipment service. With prior arrangement through your DHL Service Centre, DHL can carry your urgent dry ice shipment to most destinations in Europe.

DHL Worldwide Medical Express (WMX). DHL Worldwide Medical Express (WMX) is a modular ‘cool-chain’ distribution system. In addition to Express Distribution, DHL will provide an all inclusive packaging system supporting ambient, cooled and deep frozen services, which will allow for the safe and secure delivery of time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products and specimens.

This modular packaging system complies with IATA Packaging Instructions 650(PI650), 602 (PI602) and 904 (PI904). In addition, much of the packaging has been manufactured using recyclable low density polythene (LDPE-2), therefore minimising the environmental impact of waste disposal.

When used in combination with the DHL Worldwide Express network, WMX provides universities, research councils and pharmaceutical companies with an effective integrated service to move finished goods and clinical trials supplies to market. This provides a temperature-controlled solution without the need to replenish the Temperature Control Units or the Dry Ice during transit. If you have a daily requirement for this service please contact your local DHL Sales Contact for further details.