Get your export plans in shape for 2014

If you’ve chosen your next export market and are beginning to formulate your export plans, you won’t want to miss Open to Export’s latest webinar series… 


With top export advisors on board to offer help and advice on everything from planning your campaign to fulfilling your first order, Open to Export’s webinar series will ensure your export success.

Preparing for victory: pricing, regulation and fulfilling your first order

Thursday 6 March 2.30-3.15pm

Get expert advice on the business critical decisions that will set you up for success, including ensuring your pricing strategy takes account of your exporting costs, knowing which documentation you need to stay on the right side of regulations, and making the right choices to get your product safely and cost effectively to your customers.

Speakers: DHL Express UK and Susan Morley of Morley Consulting Training.

How we did it: Hear from champion exporters!

Thursday 20 March, 2.30-3.15pm

Get inspired by the success stories of two great British businesses that have both achieved significant growth through international expansion, and take away a fresh perspective on international trade and establish your next steps to global success.

Find out more, listen to past webinars and register for the above ones today.



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