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Exporting is Great | EU law to boost ecom | Eurozone economic outlook picks up

Trade boost following ‘Exporting is Great’ campaign
The Department for International Trade reveals that the ‘Exporting is Great’ campaign has led to a boost in interest from UK businesses towards trading overseas. The hub launched in November 2016 as a place for people looking to do international business, to gather information and share export opportunities. Awareness of exporting has more than doubled since the launch of the campaign.
Six months on, the Department for International Trade has reported that one in five of all UK businesses have taken action towards exporting after registering with them, and 85 per cent of companies stated that exporting has led to a level of growth not otherwise possible. With export opportunities ranging from food and beverage, beauty, machinery and clothing, to more niche products, exporters are bound to find an opportunity to suit them. Check out the opportunities list for your chance to export.

Proposed EU law looks to boost cross-border ecommerce
The European Commission has proposed a new legislation to combat some of the difficulties that have been limiting cross-border ecommerce between EU nations.
The plan will address three main areas: unexplained geoblocking of ecommerce buyers from EU nations that are outside the sellers own, improving the transparency of delivery services and prices, and strengthening consumers’ rights.
The regulation would not force ecommerce sites to offer EU-wide delivery, but it does hope to encourage competition through introducing better price transparency.
Economic growth and employment pick up over the Eurozone
The economic outlook is looking positive as the political landscape across the Eurozone steadies. Unemployment is at its lowest for almost eight years and economic growth stands at 0.5 per cent.
A survey from IHS Markit, world leader in critical information and analytics for major industries and markets, has suggested that growth was at a six-year high in May and the EU has revised its economic growth figure up to 1.7 per cent.
A health check of five key Eurozone economies; Spain, Italy, Greece, France, and Germany has revealed varied growth and economic progress in the bloc. Spain enjoyed one of the fastest rates of GDP growth with exports driving recovery. France and Germany experienced a relief amongst business sentiment and German GDP growth accelerated on the back of robust exports.

Thursday 01 June 2017

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