Exporting is GREAT: The British government’s new international trade initiative

At the British Chambers of Commerce International Trade Conference last week, Minister for Trade & Investment Francis Maude announced that the British government would soon be supporting current and prospective UK exporters in even more ways.

Now it’s official: as a core part of UK Trade & Investment’s (UKTI) latest Export Week, running 9 to 13 November 2015, the British government launched the campaign Exporting is GREAT.

Set to run until 2020, the five-year initiative has the goal to inspire 100,000 more UK exporters. British international traders will also receive extensive practical support at every stage of their exporting journey.

As the promotional campaign videos show, Exporting is GREAT is all about encouraging British businesses to understand just how many opportunities for international trade exist.

The headline video is supplemented by market-specific videos highlighting niches including fashion in the US, healthcare in China and food and drink in France and Thailand. The video playlist contains more examples of where a need for British products exists, and a comprehensive list of trade opportunities is hosted on UKTI’s new website At least a thousand new opportunities are set to be added to the website each month, and exporters can engage with the website to register their interest, access support and find out more about events.

Exporting is GREAT events include a UK-wide roadshow: the Export Hub truck is touring the UK, giving practical export advice, from now until October 2016. The Export Hub truck is already playing an important role in Export Week 2015, where once again UKTI is providing intensive international trade support to businesses across the UK through workshops, panel discussions and webinars.

At DHL, we’re committed to helping businesses trade internationally and offer guidance at every stage of the export and import journey, from getting started to understanding target markets and using e-commerce to sell beyond the UK. We are therefore delighted to support Exporting is GREAT as a commercial partner, together with UKTI’s other campaign partners which include British Airways, Google, Heathrow and financial providers such as Barclays, HSBC and Santander. In the words of Minister for Trade & Investment Francis Maude:

I’m delighted that DHL Express UK will be partnering with us to extend and sustain the Export is GREAT’s reach and provide support to businesses to boost their capability and help them successfully access international markets.”

We will be providing regular updates on Exporting is GREAT on our social media channels, so follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to stay up to date with the latest news and developments.

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