Educating customers about the true value of your product

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Supply chain transparency is becoming extremely important to consumers across all sectors. More companies are taking the time to explain the true value of their product. Products have gone on a long journey before they reach the customer; your business can help to support the public to make conscious and educated purchases by explaining this better.

Raising awareness and educating is key to changing the mindsets and purchasing habits of consumers. This is a positive if you can be part of the conversation! Customer-directed campaigns are helping consumers understand the environmental impacts of their own behaviour.

Transparent pricing and environmental cost
Transparent pricing to understand the true cost and impact of materials, hardware, labour, duties and transport help to educate consumers about the value of a product. Having banners or dedicated information tiles on your site can help to position your business as an open brand, working to produce as sustainably as possible.

You may have seen this for some products in particular, jeans for example have undergone a certain amount of re-education to explain how much water goes into producing each pair. Brands such as Gap launched their Washwell™ programme in 2016 which uses 20 per cent less water to produce their denim garments.

We know that these techniques are beginning to have real behavioural impact. Outsourcing services company GCS found that 68 per cent of those aged between 18-24 had made an eco-friendly purchase at some point in the past year. They also found that shoppers in that age range were willing to pay higher prices for sustainable products.

Product care and extending life cycles
While traditionally seen as the responsibility of the customer at point of sale, companies are now looking at innovative ways to extend the life cycle of their products and take ownership of the last phase of the fashion cycle — reuse and disposal.

Answer the following questions and see if you could implement long lasting change:

  1. How long do you expect your product to last and can you offer a guarantee?
  2. Can the product be refreshed, repaired and resold?
  3. Can elements of the product be taken apart and re-used, or recycled?
  4. How durable is the product in terms of style, quality and adaptability to a changing body shape?
  5. Can you share stories with your customers on care, repair and other uses?
  6. What will happen to the product at the end of its life?
  7. Can you integrate schemes for garment collection or repair?

Educating consumers in action
Winner of the DHL Fashion Potential Award 2019 NAECO is committed to keep oceans clean. In addition to transforming ocean plastic waste into luxury garments, they organise beach cleans, avoid single-use plastics, and in a stand against fast fashion, offer a 5-year guarantee on each of their clothing products. Each garment is also made from their unique and fully recyclable material which encourages consumers to carry out conscious end of product life disposal. NAECO operate on a small and transparent supply chain that is largely located within the UK. Productions partners share their values to pay a living wage to their workforce; all this information is easily accessible on their website for shoppers to understand.

Are you offsetting your carbon emissions logistics?
E-commerce sales now total US $2.3 trillion (£1.9 trillion) worldwide and online shopping is driving fashion forward. The distribution model of stores on the high street has shifted over the last 15 years to e-commerce and has radically changed how people consume fashion. The impact of items travelling repeatedly to and from delivery centres to customers’ homes can add significantly to the carbon footprint of a garment.

DHL has been a committed partner to the fashion industry for decades; working behind the scenes of a fast moving and creative industry requires an agile and intelligent approach to delivering global logistics solutions. DHL is also the leading green logistics provider. Our group-wide environmental protection programme GoGreen is an expression of our strong sense of responsibility. If you are looking for advice on how your business can switch to climate neutral shipping, speak to one of our Business Advisors.

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