E-commerce: The best way to globally grow your business

E-commerce (online retail) makes it easier than ever for you to reach customers around the world – and British businesses are in an especially strong position to sell internationally through e-commerce.

By 2020, British
retailers are projected
to earn £28 billion from overseas online sales – 600% growth since 2012.

Source: OC&C Strategy Consultants

Still, to effectively grow your business with online retail channels there’s a lot you need to consider. It’s not just about choosing the best online retail platform for your business and selecting the right pricing model – you also need to know how to reach customers in your target markets and understand the regulations and restrictions around exporting

At DHL, we understand the challenges of e-commerce. We already help many leading retailers grow their international online sales and will work as your partner to support you. Our e-commerce guide has been created to help you understand every step of the international
e-commerce journey, you can view it here.

For advice and tips, take a look at our e-commerce guide, your path to global growth.

Speak to one of our dedicated e-commerce advisors:

Grant Carter

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