Doing Business with the Americas

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Posted by DHL Express UK : Posted on September 3, 2014

Doing business with the Americas


The Americas region is home to a range of thriving markets offering a host of opportunities for British businesses.

In North America, the US and Canada are two of the UK’s strongest political and trade allies. With a shared language and heritage, entering these two markets seems like a natural step for British business venturing abroad. However, remember that despite many similarities, the ways of doing business with the US and Canada can be quite different from dealing with the UK or European companies. You also need to be aware of the international business regulations and restrictions for trading with these markets. In addition to our country fact sheets and special guide to Trading with the USA, we also have top tips from the DHL Customs Team to make help make trade with the USA and Canada even easier:







And don’t forget the rest of the western hemisphere: the countries and territories of Latin America and the Caribbean also have plenty to offer. From BRIC country Brazil to MINT Mexico and CIVETS Colombia, Latin America’s emerging markets are becoming increasingly open, and thus easier to access from a global trade perspective. English is being more widely used as a business language and the economies are making a concerted effort to be more attractive to international traders.


In addition to our destination guides and fact sheets, the DHL Customs Team also has an advice video with top tips for trading with Brazil:



For an overview of where the Americas region is today, and where it’s going tomorrow, visit our dedicated Trading with the Americas page.



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