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Posted by DHL Express UK : Posted on August 13, 2014

DHL newsletter

At DHL Express, we are passionate about encouraging businesses to go global. We have range of practical advice about getting started, such as through our Business Export Advisors – and if you’re already trading internationally, we’re here to help you make even more of your opportunities and expand to further markets.


To achieve this, we engage with businesses through many channels – including an email newsletter sent out every Thursday morning to keep international traders (and business people planning to go global) up to date with current developments.


In a concise and easily digestible way, we cover three main topics every week:


The first section discusses economic trends and developments that could affect exporters’ businesses. For instance, this may be news that UK exports have increased, or that the British economy is on track to grow further, as this gives an indication of the general demand and potential from abroad. This section may also highlight forthcoming events, such as trade shows or webinars that can help drive their connections, reach and understanding of global trade.


The second part of the newsletter focuses on helping businesses understand international destinations better. This is complemented by the DHL Guide, which features destination guides and fact sheets for countries in all regions of the world, from Australia to Vietnam; we regularly add new countries to the roster. Our destination focus section also sheds light on new international developments of interest to international traders.


The third section highlights ways in which DHL Express can help your business go global and grow internationally. For instance, we explain how calculating destination duties and taxes can be made easier for you with the DHL Trade Automation Services (TAS) tool, and how DHL Import Express  can help you bring goods into the UK.


You may have noticed that we are in the process of updating some sections of the DHL Guide – and as part of this process, our weekly news updates will now also be available through the DHL Guide.


Click here to receive the DHL Express UK weekly news update in your inbox every Thursday morning, and visit our archive to access previous versions.

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