Making international business easier: Guaranteed overnight delivery from New York, Boston and Chicago to Canary Wharf with the DHL Helicopter Service

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Posted by DHL Express UK : Posted on January 21, 2015


We know that in international business, every second can be crucial – and the most critical items, such as important documents, are still sent as physical items. That’s why DHL now offers a groundbreaking next day guaranteed delivery service from key US business and financial centres – New York, Boston and Chicago – to central London.



With the DHL Helicopter Service, documents picked up at the end of the business day in New York, Boston and Chicago, will be flown (by plane) into Heathrow before 10 am the next morning. From there, the DHL helicopter – London’s first-ever helicopter delivery service – connects to Canary Wharf Heliport. Our trusted DHL couriers then distribute the letters and packages in key central London locations such as Canary Wharf and the City of London in the early afternoon.

John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express Europe, is proud to inaugurate this new offering: “This new service from DHL Express gives our customers the greatest speed and reliability in delivery services. We are always looking for innovative, efficient ways to move our customers’ shipments and this new service not only beats congestion but improves the connectivity of UK businesses to the global market.” We formally launched the service at a special event on 21 January held at OXO Tower attended by many customers in the financial services sector.




Read the full press release about the offering here.

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