DHL Customs support: helping exporters navigate the shipping process

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Posted by DHL Express UK : Posted on August 6, 2014


When we explained how the DHL Business Export Advisors can help you, we also mentioned that DHL has a range of specialist teams who help provide bespoke advice for our customers.

An example is our DHL Customs Support Team who always has the most up to date information on international trade regulations. Customs information and specialist support from the team is accessible through DHL Customer Services (0844 248 0844). There is also a range of information available via our fact sheets on the DHL Guide. Two of our specialists from the DHL Customs Support Team, Rebecca Cluer and Simon Roe, have also contributed to a series of video interviews with their top tips for understanding international trade.


To make sure that all international traders can access this information, Rebecca Cluer and Simon Roe from DHL Customs Support UK have contributed to a series of video interviews with their top tips for understanding international trade.


In Understanding Customs: Commodity Codes and invoices explained, Rebecca and Simon provide an overview of the role of Customs – why internationally traded goods are taxed in the first place, and what charges will apply. They also explain what Customs documentation you may need, including what information the invoice needs to contain and what Commodity Codes and export licences are.



Exporting from the UK explains how British businesses can set themselves up as international traders, and what kind of documentation to consider both when getting goods out of the UK and into their destination. Simon and Rebecca also explain what support organisations like UKTI and the British Chambers of Commerce can offer.



Similarly, Importing from the UK gives an overview of what to consider when shipping goods from any non-EU country into the UK – such as value and tax thresholds and setting yourself up as an importer. Rebecca and Simon also outline how having a Deferment Account with UK Customs can help you with bringing goods into the country.



In addition to this general information, Rebecca and Simon provided specific advice on what documentation you need to ship goods from the UK to Brazil, China, Canada, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States – for instance, invoices accompanying shipments to China and Saudi Arabia need be typed for the shipment to be accepted.


We have compiled all these advice videos on YouTube as the playlist Customs Top Tips.


If you have any additional questions about Customs, contact our Customer Service department on 0844 248 0844, leave a comment below or chat with us through Twitter.


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